Intentions cast and reflected onwards to provide a moment of revelation and insight.

INIFINI explores the boundaries of light and sound with a combination of innovative sound reactive projections and LED displays
set to the captivating polyrhythmic soundscapes of electronic musicians, noCore & kimlett.




inifini-miqMike Schmidt is an electronic music composer and live performing artist known for creating improvisational rhythmic noise/music with an array of synthesizers, drum machines and effects hardware. Influenced by a plethora of musical styles ranging from minimal to extreme, he has performed at clubs/parties/festivals across Canada, the U.S. and Europe – primarily under the moniker: noCore. noCore encapsulates an ongoing evolution of sonic exploration. Not one to be confined to a specific style, live sets are generally tailored specific to the event, creating an eclectic and emotive aural environment, designed to move both the body and the mind.



kimlett is a robot from the future sent to hug your face.
She crash landed on a radioactive videogame factory in her rocketship full of techno kittens.
Prepare for the hugpocalypse.


Bernadett Molnar / VJ ettlike A live visual artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia; originally from Budapest, Hungary. She has been working as a visual jockey artist since 2008. She creates professional entertainment environments by using custom designed, created, projected 2D/3D motion graphics and live videos synchronized to the music. She has experience providing visuals for all types of shows, and has worked for outdoor music festivals and nightclubs. She is currently the resident VJ at Harbour Event Centre in Vancouver.


Kirschden, while riding the sine wave of life, stumbled upon an eddy. Or maybe it was just a smaller wave. A wavelet if you will. At any rate, or maybe it was standing. She has filtered her signal processing know-how from school and her day job into ephemeral audiovisual bedroom decor. She also likes knitting garments, audiovisual over-stimulation, and bicycles.